The number of people cycling on weekdays increases by 10% in Kyiv

The positive dynamics considering the number of cyclists on streets is observed in Kyiv: in weekdays their amount increased by 10%, while on a weekend the number rose by 33%, according to the latest cyclists counting done by Kyiv Cyclists’ Association (AVK).

Comparing the results of autumn 2015 counting with those that were registered in autumn 2014, there can be seen a clear development of  the number of cyclists, which increased by 10% in a year. In 2015 Kyiv Cyclists’ Association counted 2069 cyclists at 19 intersections in the autumn weekday (during two evening hours), while in 2014 there were only 1865 cyclists. Furthermore, the weather conditions on the counting days were roughly the same: the air temperature was +23-25°C in 2014 and +20-27°C + in 2015.

Considering the weekend day, in autumn 2015 there were registered significantly more cyclists than in autumn 2014: 2561 comparing to 1705. Therefore, in the weekend day at approximately the same whether parameters 33% more cyclists rode in Kyiv in 2015, comparing to 2014.

Gender allocation

In autumn weekday 12% of women and 88% men were observed at the areas where the counting was done, while on the weekday the percentage of women rose significantly, reaching 20% among all cyclists. The observations done in other countries show that the more the fate of women among the urban cyclists, the safer the city’s road conditions for the cyclists are.

Riding on sidewalks

The counting allowed to reveal that in September 2015 the number of cyclists, who was riding on the road and the amount of those, who were moving on the sidewalks formed 50-50 proportion. At the weekend, the proportion slightly varies as 46% ride on the road, while 54% uses sidewalks.  The biggest number of those, who ride on the sidewalks, was registered  on Moskovskyi Bridge, Naberezhne Highway, Saint Volodymyr Descent and Honoré de Balzac Street, where the newly constructed bicycle track is situated. In 2014 about the same number of cyclists chose the sidewalk or the road to ride.

In 2015 two countings of cyclists were kept: in spring (April/May) and autumn (September), on a weekday and a weekend day. The counting was done in a rush hour: from 12 to 14 at the weekend day (Saturday) and from 17 to 19 at the weekday (Wednesday) in the spring and fall. In May 2016 Kyiv Cyclists’ Association will hold a cyclists’ counting for the third year in a row. Anyone can join a unique research of a bike traffic at 19 intersections in seven districts of Kyiv, becoming a project’s volunteer.

This translation was kindly made by Valeriia Radchenko, Kyiv Cyclists Association volunteer

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