Cycling concept is being created in Ternopil

Ternopil activists have rapidly started developing a bike movement this year. At first, they counted the cyclers, then – held fun events during European mobility week, and now they are marking their first bicycle route and are finishing creating the city cycling development program.

The map of the cycling routes has been created with the help of the directory ‘How To Create a Cycling Network’. The activists started with determining the main routes of locals’ commutes.

Then they put the commuter routes on the street-road network. The heaviest routes got the first category (orange), the less important routes got the second category (shades of pink).

During the first phase it is recommended to create cycling routes in parks (vinous) and the recreational ones (green), because they are the easiest ones to start with.

Since the above mentioned routes have no commute sense without being united, 1st category routes are to be developed next. You can see the whole bicycle routes map following this link.

The separate part of the cycling program is the proposition of creating two-way cycling routes on one-way roads. On the map you can see the locations where two-way lanes should be created first.

A part of the first route that passes the Ternopil lake has already been marked. It has been made by activists and Yuri Sobi who has been assigned as a Ternopil Cycling Coordinator on one of the local city council’s meetings.

VeloTernopil also collects information as to the places where bike parking needs to be created. They will be placed not only related to the current planned cycling routes: but activists will share their preferences, too.

The initial city program project can be found here. The developers plan to finance it from the 5% of city transport budget.

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Ukrainian Cycling Information Center wishes luck to active cycling lovers in Ternopil!

The translation into English was kindly made by UCCE volunteer Iuliia Blyndiuk


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