Cyclers submitted remarks regarding the Road Traffic bill


Cycling NGOs and activists have sent their remarks regarding the Road Traffic bill that was being developed by the members of the National Road Traffic Safety Forum from April 2014 to June 2015.

Overall, the bill can be called auto-centered because it emphasizes the advantages of private auto transport over other modes of transport, such as public transport, cycling, and walking. For example, the project actually proposes to ‘prohibit the establishment of obstacles and barriers to parking on sidewalks’ and to ‘allow a U-turn across two lanes’.

At the same time, the bill contains some positive innovations for cyclists: permission to ride on the lanes reserved for the route vehicles, permission to ride in several rows (written down in an ambiguous form), the right to ride on sidewalks, and the rules, where cyclists younger than 14 years old must ride.

But still there are many unacceptable points for cyclers, pedestrians, not fully mobile participants of the road traffic. For example, it’s proposed to prohibit cycling on the roads where local authorities have increased the speed limit (without offering alternative routes). It’s also proposed to prohibit cyclers’ movement on roads with a dividing strip or with two carriage ways (e.g. boulevards) and to enforce winter cycling only with winter tires.

The remarks to the bill have been developed by 5 NGOs and signed by 7 NGOs.


The translation into English was kindly made by UCCE volunteer Iuliia Blyndiuk

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