Autumn Bike to Work Day took place in Ukraine on September 17

‘Bike to work’ is an engaging morning flashmob for bike lovers. Cyclers invite other people to ride bicycles to work or studies trying to show that bike is a comfortable, quick, and cheap means of everyday transport. The event took place in Ukraine on September, 17. 7 cities took part in it: Kyiv, Rivne, Kryviy Rig, Lviv, Poltava, Kharkiv, and Mukachevo.


This morning cyclers arrived to the Independence Square from different city areas for a traditional ‘cycling breakfast’ to talk with each other, inspire passers by, and remind the city about the necessity of creation of cycling infrastructure.

The results of ‘Bike – Friendly Employer of the Year’ have also been announced there. IT company ZEO Alliance took the first place.

To read more about the event and find the photos of the columns, please click here.

Kryvyi Rig

Cyclists started arriving to the 95th quarter, the city center, for breakfast at 7 am. Cafe PanCoffeeman supported the initiative and opened an hour earlier to make coffee for the cyclists. It also presented discount cards (12%) to the early birds.


Bike to work day has passed in a flashmob format. 55 cyclers met in various areas of the city and got to the center in organized columns to have a breakfast from 8 to 9 am.


Cyclers agreed to meet at 7:30 am by the Lviv Cafe in order to have time to have a coffee and try a special ‘cycling menu’ created for them by the catering service ‘ Home Cafe’.

Over 50 cyclers took part in the Bike To Work day in Poltava – you could even notice some city administration representatives! The nice morning atmosphere inspired romantic conversations about travels… but everybody had to be at work on time.

Representatives of the local cycling business also took part – they offered discounts, free service, and presents.


NGO ‘Cycling Rivne’ invited local cyclists at the Independence Square in the early morning. Traditionally, it would not work without some aromatic coffee. This year the meeting attracted all the local entrepreneurs that build their businesses with the help of coffee shops for cyclists. The idea of focusing on cyclists also inspired Olexandr Starzhinskiy, a famous triathlonist. He was the first one to open a coffee shop for cyclers and called it Rover.



More than 50 persons took part in the flashmob, including guests from Germany. Cyclists were drinking coffee and promoting cycling lanes. They also passed some stickers and road rules to the City Administration that promised to bike to work the following Friday.



Members of Mukachevo Cycling Association selected and honored the best bike parking in the city. The award went to the local company called Flextronics.

‘It’s important that the factory leadership understands the importance of developing the cycling infrastructure in the city. It’s fashionable to use bike and to be healthy’. – Evgen Novak, the Head of MCA.

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