Safety at the roads – for everyone! Road traffic safety project in Zakarpatia

The EU funded project ‘Support to Implementation of Transport Strategy of Ukraine’ keeps working within the road traffic safety pilot project in Uzhhorod and Mukachevo.

On 19 October 2015 an action that is a part of the project information campaign was held in Uzhhorod together with Zakarpatian Region Road Traffic Police department representatives.

The campaign purpose is to attract the public attention to the need to make road users sure of their safety and is focused on informing the drivers and pedestrians about the danger to use mobile phones while driving / crossing the roads, correspondingly.

Numerous studies have proved that using a mobile phone by the driver on driving quadruples a road traffic accident risk, a time for driver’s reaction on the road situation extends from 0.5sec to 1.5sec, i.e. at a speed of 60kph the road vehicle may drive 8 to 25m for this time, and the driver would be just unable to react timely on the situation.

The campaign being held includes, in addition to the driver safety actions, activities dedicated to schoolchildren, students and cyclists.

Cycling is becoming more and more popular in the Zakarpatia, with cycling infrastructure developing and the number of cycling amateurs increasing fast. However, most of them, unfortunately, have no idea of road traffic rules, even basic ones. Therefore, cycling actions were arranged and held in Mukacheve and Uzhhorod last weekend. The action program included open cycling school lectures ‘Safety rules for cyclists; and master classes on cycle maintenance together with the project partner, Kyiv Cyclist Association, various contests and competitions, bliz quiz and cycling rides. Most cycling event participants were children and teenagers who participated actively in all actions. All participants and visitors were also handed brochures on the road traffic rules for the cyclists and various information documents on cycling subjects.



Since one of key project priorities is a preventive work with children as one of the most vulnerable groups of road users, the whole last week was dedicated to the road traffic safety interactive lessons for junior schoolchildren of Uzhhorod and Mukacheve schools, delivered together with Road Traffic Police officers.

The road traffic policy officers told children about the road behavior rules and importance of their observance. The lessons were delivered in game format, with a lot of quizzes to make the information perception and learning by children better and more interesting. The lessons were also participated by members of the young road traffic police officer team who performed songs and episodes dedicated to the road traffic rules. After the lessons the schoolchildren were handed colourful and practical gifts from the STS project designed specifically for the children: bright coloured books on the road traffic rules and backpacks with light reflective elements.


The project activities would last until early November. In addition to information events, the campaign also plans a lecture course on the first non-medical aid aimed at the RTA caused injuries for national university students and public transport drivers as well as a mobile exhibition of the passive safety means in the vehicle for the students and drivers-beginners.

The major purpose of the project actions is to contribute into road safety evolution in Uzhhorod and Mukacheve, inspiring people to pay more attention to the road traffic rules and to follow them, to involve young people and children into the campaign, and to demonstrate benefits related to the compliance with the simplest road traffic rules in order to prevent tragic consequences.

For more detailed information please contact Ms Irina Saidova, EU STS project expert on communication and visibility, mobile +380688381818, or email: or visit the STS project website

Note: According to the official statistic data of the Zakarpatian Region Road Traffic Police department, the number of road traffic accidents (RTA) increased by 13.6% for the first months of 2015 comparing to the previous year, and the number of RTA with fatalities and injured quadrupled, with the number of these RTAs where children below 18 were involved, increased by 31.3% for 6 months of this year.

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