Mykolaiv has presented a program of cycling development

Mykolaiv City Hall hosted a presentation and public discussion of city target program of construction and development of the city’s cycling infrastructure. The program is designed for 5 years, from 2016 to 2020.

The initiative to develop the program belongs to Mykolaiv mayor, members of council, cycling activists and representatives of youth organization “Alter-Sport”. The program was created during March-May 2015 by a working group together with an expert from Ukrainian Information Cycling Center Iryna Bondarenko. The authors of the program were guided by German experience and recommendations of Empfehlungen fuer die Radverkehrsanlagen (ERA-2010), which had already been used in 10 cities of Ukraine.

“The program’s draft is going to be published on the web-site on Tuesday so that whole community of our city could learn it and make some suggestions. Then this program will be discussed at the session,” promised Deputy Mayor Valentin Haydarzhy.

The indicative budget of creation of cycling paths network is 80 mln UAH, including 40 mln UAH from the city budget. The length of the network of main routes is 50.6 km. They include eight sections. The program also includes two recreation cycling routs: Radianska str. – Velyka Korenykha – Radianska str. and Radianska str. – Matviyivskyi forest – Radianska str.

“Your city is really very promising in terms of cycling. I did not see any obstacles to the implementation of the city program, except probably funding,” said the expert Iryna Bondarenko.

The program, according to its authors, will create safe and comfortable environment for everyday cycling.

“We want bikes to be used as everyday transport, not only as prerogative of athletes or small informal groups. Any person of any age and any social stratum must be able to sit on a bike and go wherever they need,” said Dmytro Pastushenko, Head of Municipal Economy Department of Mykolaiv City Council.

The authors of the program also made it possible to provide secure parking and reducing traffic load on the roads of the city.

“The program provides accompanying infrastructure, such as bike parking. There is also cycling navigation system to make it clear how much more to go to the city center or to understand where the next turn on the bike route is. To promote cycling, we are going to make a map with all routes of Mykolaiv,” said Margarita Klymenko, coordinator of the project “Mykolaiv Cycling Movement”.

She added that cycling activists will also work on teaching other cyclists the traffic rules.

Translated by Bogdan Derkach

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