8 Ukrainian cities have hosted Bike to Work events

A number of Ukrainian cities have participated in Bike to Work event. The participants invited their friends and colleagues to get to work by bike, met at the central squares for a cup of coffee, and then left for their offices.

We want to thank the event organizers and all the participants that engaged their friends to use bikes!

Here are the photos made in the participating cities:

Kyiv: Vitaliy Klychko, city mayor, has attended the event. Photos by Valeriy Pastuh

Lviv, 60 participants. Photos by Lviv Cyclists’ Association

Myrgorod, city council took part in the event. Photos by Tetyana Usyk

Rivne, more than 20 participants. Photos by Yuriy Oytsus

Kryvyy Rig, Kryvyy Rig Institute employees cycled to work. Photos by Anna Atamanchuk

Kharkiv, one of three queues by the cafes that offered cyclers free coffee.

Odessa, photos by Serhiy Dubenko

Artemivsk (Donetsk area), photos by Pavel Panasenkov

A day earlier, on April 15th, cyclers also rode their bikes from work; photos by Victor Kruk.

We are saying thank you to all the organizers and the participants! Due to you our cities become more and more bicycle-friendly!

Spring Bike to Work Day was initiated by Kyiv Cyclists’ Association, the idea was distributed and supported throughout the cyclists network in other Ukrainian cities.

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