A cycling infrastructure planning guide has been released in Ukraine

A cycling infrastructure planning guide has been released in Ukraine. The guide instructs on how to create such an infrastructure from scratch. It is based on German cycling networks planning methods and it is adapted to usage in Ukraine becaus, containing the experience of Ukrainian cities such as Lviv, Kyiv, and Donetsk that have already taken advantage of this methods.


Cycling concept is being developed in Chernivtsi according to methods described in the guide

The guide ‘Comfortable city: Ho to plan cycling infrastructure’ deals with the following issues:

  • explanation why cycling development is important for a city;
  • recommendations on the kind of data that should be collected and the ways to perform that;
  • recommendations for the analysis of the current transport situation in a city;
  • formation of the cycling network scheme based on the collected data;
  • recommendations on the selection of the cycling infrastructure type according to the street type and the traffic level (bike lanes, bike paths or mixed use with sidewalks);
  • recommendation as to the positioning of bike parkings, cycling infrastructure integration with the current public transport);
  • ways to make cycling more popular;
  • creation of a plan and budget of the project;
  • description of the cycling concept promotion in Ukrainian cities.

The following cycling network planning scheme has already been used by Bila Tserkva, Ukrainka (Kyiv area), Kharkiv, and Chernivtsi. Kyiv has also updated its cycling network according to German methods.


Kyiv cycling network planning, 2014

The guide will be useful to representatives of municipalities, executive committees, municipal administrations that start to involve into cycling development, and cycling activists who want to encourage city governments to create cycling networks and to analyze the efficiency of already developed ones.

Ukrainian city administrations can apply for a consultation on the development of their city cycling concept until March 1, 2015. The two selected cities will be able develop it together with Kyiv Cycling Association experts.

Download the guide ‘Comfortable city: Ho to plan cycling infrastructure’ in Ukrainian

The guide was developed with the help of European Union and German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ), within the project ‘Cycling for Public Benefit’ together with the Center of Social and Business Initiatives NGO (Yaremche) and European Cycling Federation.

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