Mayor’s cycling officer has been assigned in Kyiv

Cycling officer, whose main task will be the development of the utility cycling, has been assigned by Kyiv City Administration. This position has been created according to the requirements of Kyiv Cyclists Association to the new city authority that were passed in July, 2014.


The position is being held by Kseniya Semenova, cycling movement activist since 2010. Before being appointed, she has been coordinating the national activities of Kyiv Cyclists Association and has been involved in the Ukrainian Informational Cycling Center project. After the appointment she is solely focusing her activity on the capital’s cycling needs.

For the last few years, Kseniya has been consulting various Ukrainian city councils, such as Donetsk, Evpatoriya, Chernivtsi, Chernihiv on the utility cycling development. She has also been involved in working on the change of the legal framework in the field of utility cycling and infrastructure, coordination of the project ‘Development of utility cycling for the benefit of communities’, organization of annual Ukrainian conference ‘Veloforum’, and working on the strategical development of the community cycling organization.


Kseniya has gained education in Sweden (management of technical assistance projects) and Ukraine (international economics).

The most important tasks of the cycling officer are the following:

  • to control the cyclists’ movement requirements’ consideration during the reconstruction of transportation facilities in Kyiv;
  • to help Kyiv City Council departments in the performance of the urban cycling development program, that is to be approved in December 2014;
  • to facilitate the adoption of the Kyiv cycling development concept;
  • to involve experts, particularly from the countries with the developed cycling movement,to implement cycling programs in Kyiv.

Kseniya has been recommended by Kyiv City Council Transport Commission, Department of City Development and Architecture of the Kyiv City Administration according to the agreement with Kyiv Cyclists Association.

Cycling officer positions exist in most of the European cities. Ukrainian cities, such as Lviv, Vinnytsya, and now Kyiv also practice the creation of a separate position that is responsible for the development of the urban cycling.

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Source: Kyiv Cyclists’ Association

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