Sustainable Mobility in Ukrainian Cities: Cycling ahead

(c) Oleh Shmid


The international conference “Development of Sustainable Mobility in Ukrainian Cities: Cycling ahead” (Lviv/Ukraine, 6-7 December 2011) focused on the development of cycling in Ukrainian cities: approaches, best practices and lessons learnt.

The conference was attended by representatives of more than ten Ukrainian cities from city councils, NGOs, city planning institutes and other stakeholders. Oleh Shmid, advisor to the Mayor of Lviv on cycling issues, presented first results of Lviv in developing cycling infrastructure both in theory and practice: The participants enjoyed the opportunity to see the existing Lviv cycling infrastructure during a guided tour. Numerous other cities shared the experience of cycling development and promotion in their cities. One of most important issue was the reformation of existing road design norms to better consider the needs of cyclists.

Experts from Germany presented insights on the elaboration of cycling recommendations in Germany and about first results of public bike sharing systems in Eastern Europe. The team leader of “Sustainable mobility in Ukrainian Cities”, Armin Wagner (GIZ), spoke about mobility challenges in Ukraine. Ksenia Semenova presented the Ukrainian Center for Cycling Expertise ( as future focal point for knowledge about cycling in Ukrainian cities.

All materials can be downloaded here.

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