Velo-Café ‘Radler’ opens in Lviv


‘Radler’ is more a meeting place of cyclists than a regular café.   It was created by two Lvivians as a place for cyclists to feel comfortable.  The walls are covered with old bicycle parts, and the café also offers space for technical services and for a flea market, where cyclists can sell or barter bike parts and other items. On the menu you will find the traditional German drink “Radler” (beer with lemonade), for which the café is named.   Outside the café is the largest bike parking area in Lviv.


The idea of ​​creating a place for cyclists in Lviv has been around for a long time, originally devised by two residents of Lviv – Vladimir and Oleg, who are both involved in tourism. Their idea was supported by acquaintances and friends who helped set up the institution: painting walls, advertising, collecting parts of old bicycles. After one month of intensive hands-on work, the velo-café was opened on May 9, 2014.  The opening was celebrated with film screenings, parties and a bike race by Cobble Stone Runners.


Text: Maxim Asafatow, Pictures: Marishka Zakalyushka for

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