Veloforum 2014 calls for presentations

The organizing committee of the 6th international cycling conference Veloforum has announced a call for presentations for potential speakers and presenters willing to speak at the next conference to be held in Lviv, Ukraine on October 11-12, 2014.


The theme of 2014 Veloforum is cycling culture. This broad theme may include the culture of everyday use of bicycles as a mode of transportation, the culture of relations between cyclists, motorists and other road users, public perceptions and myths regarding urban cycling and other related topics.

The key topics of the Veloforum conference in 2014 are (1) PROMOTION of bicycles as a form of transportation in cities, where cycling infrastructure is absent or just emerging; (2) INVISIBLE INFRASTRUCTURE: how can we make streets, neighborhoods and cities cycling-friendly without building dedicated infrastructure and spending tons of money; (3) CITY TO CITY: long-distance cycling routes & cities they pass through, bicycle as a recreational equipment, cycling culture as an element of tourist attractiveness of a city, and so forth.

Besides the theme and the key topics, the organizers would like to welcome other topics interesting to the audience, such as cycling infrastructure projects and best practices, intermodality, cycling safety, public bicycle schemes and others.

Individuals willing to present at Veloforum are invited to submit their proposals by June 30, 2014 through an online application form published on the conference website,

We are looking forward to your sumbissions and hope to see you in Lviv! 

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