Kyiv Cyclists’ Association is looking for inspiring funding advocacy campaigns

The purpose of this brief survey is to identify NGOs with successful experience of campaigning for local, regional or state funding for cycling initiatives. Kyiv Cyclists’ Association (AVK) is conducting a research and prepares an overview of best practices in preparing and running a funding campaign that resulted in allocation of greater funding to cycling on local, regional or national level. Based on the results of this survey AVK will pick 2-3 NGOs for in-depth interviews and will prepare case studies on their funding advocacy campaigns.

Kyiv Cyclists’ Association (AVK) is a Ukrainian non-profit, non-partisan member organization that works to strengthen the voice of cyclists and to promote cycling as a sustainable, safe and fun urban transport. In 2010 AVK became an ECF member, as of 2012 the organization is part of the ECF Leadership Programme. This survey is conducted within “Urban Cycling Development for Public Benefit” project funded by the European Union and European Cyclists’ Federation.
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If you represent an NGO that ran a cycling funding campaign and would like to share your experience with other NGOs please participate in this survey. Final case studies will be shared with Ukrainian NGOs and ECF members.

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