First large cycling promotion campaign in Kyiv

In September Kyiv Cyclists’ Association (AVK) launched first large campaign on cycling promotion. For over a month billboards and city lights depicting Bohdan Khmelnytsky and the Motherland monuments with bicycles were placed around the city.

Bohdan Khmelnytskyy on a bicycle as one of the campaign’s symbols

This spring AVK member Olga Solovey began to work on social advertising by interviewing 500 people and asking about their associations with the bicycle. This information was required to choose the main message of the campaign. Most interviewed people did not use bicycle at the time of the survey and they were the target group of the campaign this year.

Then Olga contacted various advertising agencies with an offer to work together on the visual part of the campaign. AVK liked the idea of >Strela advertising agency where they place a bicycle next to the most recognizable monuments of Kyiv with a slogan “Kyiv is a cycling city”.

Famous Motherland monument, this time with a bicycle

As organizers of the campaign explain at their web-site:

Anticipating many questions why “Kyiv is a cycling city”, we clarify it here.

This – our vision of Kyiv in few years. From the survey it became clear that many people do not perceive cycling as a mode of transportation in Kyiv, they see a bicycle as something from the childhood.

We want to show that it is not. We want to raise the issue for those who still have not thought about urban cycling, to make them think of Kyiv as a cycling city in the future.

Personally, we know it and believe in that, and, most importantly, we are working on it.

Design and placement of social advertising posters were done pro-bono. With the financial support of the German Technical Cooperation (GIZ) in Ukraine, AVK paid for printing of the posters.

Monument to Kyiv founders

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Source: Kyiv Cyclists’ Association

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