Poltava region promotes cycling tourism

BikeLand. Poltava region invites!  project has recently been launched. It starts as the franchise model of the  “BikeLand” project implemented in the Carpathian region with the support of the European Union. However, in the Poltava region the initiative came from a public authority – Poltava regional state administration. Poltava regional tourist information center is responsible for project implementation.

Tourist potential of the Poltava region successfully complements the tourism opportunities of the city of Poltava. Interactive maps of the existing bicycle routes, together with cultural, natural and historical sites as well as hotels, shops, cafes, banks and other public places have been developed and are available at the project’s web-site. Combining the existing tourist infrastructure of the area with cycling infrastructure aims to make the Poltava region more attractive for cyclists and tourists.

However, successful implementation of this project is possible only with the participation and interest of the local community, NGOs, local authorities and businesses of the area. Therefore, the Poltava regional state administration invites tourism sector area, the public, all concerned to cooperate in developing and promoting this new initiative.

Source: http://www.poltava.pl.ua/news/15281/

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