PRESTO Policy Guides

The PRESTO project: promoting cycling for everyone as a daily transport mode

Project materials contain 4 Policy Guides that offer a clear and systematic framework to help decision makers develop a cycling policy strategy. The policy guides are accompanied by 25 implementation Fact Sheets giving more detailed and practical (technical) information on how to implement a selection of cycling policy measures. They are meant as a working instrument for those involved in implementing cycling policy.

Policy Guide: General Framework

This  policy guide presents a general framework, outlining the fundamentals of an integrated cycling policy. There are of course no one-size-fits-all answers. This is why the guide proposes to distinguish cities according their level of cycling development as Starter, Climber and Champion cities, and suggests approaches and packages of measures that are likely to be most effective at each stage.

Policy Guide: Infrastructure

This guide outlines overall principles, critical issues and decision making factors, that affect development of the quality cycling infrastructure. The guide is complemented by 15 factsheets that contain more technical details on various elements of cycling infrastructure.

Policy Guide: Promotion

This overall review of the policy for promotion of cycling as daily trasport comes with 9 factsheets focusing on various promotion activities in more details.

Policy Guide: Electic Bicycles

The guide focuses on the role pedelecs can play in urban transport and how their use can be promoted by local authorities and bicycle retailers.

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