Kyiv Cyclists Got First Bicycle Traffic Light

The first bicycle traffic light appeared in Kyiv. It was installed late 2011 at the first bicycle track at Zdolbunivska st. Two traffic light devices – one on each side of Prospect Hrygorenko – look like the ordinary traffic lights. The only difference, that makes them ‘bicycle traffic lights’, is a small white plate with a bicycle symbol under the traffic light.

New 'bicycle' traffic light in Kyiv (Photo: Viktor Zagreba)

By putting the plate under a regular traffic light Kyiv traffic engineers bypassed the limitations of Ukrainian legislation. A common for the EU and many other countries, bicycle traffic light simply doesn’t exist in the Ukrainian legal framework. In its proposal to the amendments to Traffic Code Kyiv Cyclists’ Association suggested to introduce standards for traffic light for cyclists. Nevertheless, whether these and many other cycling-friendly proposals were approved is not clear since the status of the new version of the Traffic Code is still unknown. On September 26, 2011 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted the Resolution № 1029 which introduced amendents to the Traffic Code, nevertheless, for the moment there is no official publication of the new Traffic Code found.

Despite the new traffic lights and bicycle track, the streets are still not properly organized for the needs of cyclists. “Bicycle track actually ends before the intersection and starts right after it. No properly lowered curbs on the way of bicycle track, no markings on the last 5 meters before the intersection and on the roadway itself, therefore drivers do not expect to see cyclists. This makes the intersection conflicting and potentially very dangerous for cyclists,”- commented on the situation Iryna Stavchuk, chairwoman of the Kyiv Cyclists’ Association.

No marking at pedestrian crossing. Kyiv (Photo: Viktor Zagreba)

The area along the newly built part of Hrygorenka pr. became even less attractive for pedestrians. Dangerous and uncomfortable crossings in the middle of the 3-lane road provoke drivers for speeding and obviously do not reflect interests of the most vulnerable road users. Some crossings don’t even have required road marking while most have no low curb for easy crossing. That is, once again planners ignored the interests of the most vulnerable citizens – the elderly, children, parents with baby carts, disabled people and cyclists.

Pedestrian crossing with high curb. Kyiv (Photo: Viktor Zagreba)


Dangerous pedestrian crossings. Kyiv (Photo: Viktor Zagreba)

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