City of Lutsk resumes the work on the concept of cycling infrastructure

On January 30, 2012 the city of Lutsk hosted a round table “Development of cycling infrastructure in the city of Lutsk.” The event was a preparatory stage in the process of preparing the concept of bicycle infrastructure for the city of Lutsk and its further submission for approval by the city council.

Association for Tourism of Volyn (NGO) and the Executive Committee of the City Council organized the round table to hear public and expert opinion on the prospects of development of cycling infrastructure in Lutsk, to discuss the proposed master plan of cycling routes and the action plan to implement first steps.

Among the participants of the round table were the first deputy mayor of Lutsk Svyatoslav Kravchuk, representatives of city council departments and NGOs, coordinator of the Ukrainian Center for Cycling Expertise Ksenia Semenova (Kyiv).

Svyatoslav Kravchuk stipulated that the meeting would not solve the problem of cycling infrastructure in the city, but this was the first step in this direction.

Ksenia Semenova, Project Coordinator of the Ukrainian Center for Cycling Expertise, informed about the experience of other Ukrainian cities in development of cycling infrastructure. She stressed the importance of establishing a position and appointing the Cycling Advisor.

Head of Planning and Architecture Department of the City Council Yuri Kazmyruk mentioned that the project documentation for street reconstruction should include the construction of bicycle. Special attention should be paid to reconstructions scheduled for this year: prospect Voli, from Shopena st. to Vavilova st.

During the meeting the Head of Department for Environment of the City Council Borys Soroka suggested to organize bicycle paths in the cental park.

Mykola Ivanyuk, the Head of International Cooperation and Tourism Department of the City Council, emphasized the need for such important elements of cycling infrastructure as rent of bicycles, bicycle parking facilities near administrative buildings, in the shopping areas and next to cultural venues.

Svyatoslav Kravchuk concluded with the recommendation to establish a working group for further development of the comprehensive program of cycling infrastructure. Vice-mayor has also proposed to include a representative of the bicycle community in the Public Council. In addition, it was decided to appoint Mayor’s Advisor Volodymyr Paschenko to be responsible for development of cycling infrastructure. The group decided to meet again in a month.

Source: Information Department of the Lutsk City Countil

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