Introducing practice of contra-flow cycling in Szczecin (PL)


Two years ago, the Polish city of Szczecin set up the first contra-flow lane for cyclists, allowing cyclists to move in both directions in one-way streets for cars. A contra-flow lane means that in one direction, cyclists can go with motor vehicles in the same lane, and in return direction use the contra-flow lane. In the case of Szczecin, the contra-flow lane is marked in red color as neither drivers nor cyclists are accustomed to such practices. Incorrect behavior of cyclists can be seen even in the video. Rather than travel on the lane for cars, the cyclist rides on the contra-flow lane (on the left hand side of cars going in the same direction).

The following video illustrates how to use streets with contra-flow cycle lanes when driving in the direction of car traffic.

More examples of streets with contra-flow cycle lanes

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